Improving Your Smile With Invisalign Treatments

27 June 2022
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If you suffer from dental alignment issues, there are effective solutions for straightening your teeth. However, you may be one of many individuals that may not feel comfortable when evaluating the options that are available. In this regard, you should always avoid overlooking the benefits that can come with choosing to use Invisalign treatments to correct the alignment problems that your teeth are experiencing.

Invisalign Retainers Can Have A Lower Chance Of Contributing To Cavities

While traditional braces can be an effective solution for correcting your alignment issues, they can also have the unfortunate side effect of increasing the chances of you developing cavities. This is due to the small spaces in the braces being able to trap food and plaque that could contribute to portions of your teeth decaying. While effective brushing can mitigate this risk, individuals will often find that it is difficult for them to clean all of the spaces around their braces. In contrast, Invisalign treatments can be an option that will be much easier for you to keep clean. More specifically, these retainers can be removed, which will allow you to brush your teeth as you normally would.

Patients Will Need To Have Their Retainers Custom Made To Fit Their Teeth

As part of the process of starting Invisalign treatments, you may have to be fitted for these retainers. This process will involve a mold of your mouth being taken so that the retainer can be custom-made to provide you with the perfect fit. Due to the need for these retainers to be custom-made, it may be up to a week or longer before they are ready for you to use them. Also, you should avoid letting other people wear the retainer or play with it. This can minimize the risk of damage occurring to your teeth or your retainer becoming warped and needing to be replaced.

It Can Be Worth The Costs To Invest In A Quality Storage Case For The Invisalign Retainers

While you will be encouraged to wear the retainer as much as possible, there will still be times when you will need to take it out. Whether this is for when you are sleeping at night, before making a speech, or in other situations where you will not want to wear it, the retainer should be kept in a protective case that can minimize the risk of it suffering damage. Ideally, you should thoroughly clean the retainer before storing it, and the case itself should also be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent bacteria in it from being transferred to your teeth and gums.

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