Gum Therapy Gives You Healthier Teeth

4 January 2021
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Gum therapy is a great tool for many people who want to ensure that they have healthy gums. Dentists of all kinds understand your needs as a dental patient, especially if you are complaining about inflammation of the gums. If you experience inflammation, you may wonder what you should do next. Gum therapy may help you.

Are you ready for healthy gums? These are some of the therapeutic techniques dentists use to treat your gum inflammation.

Surgical Gum Therapy

Surgical gum therapy is the solution for many dental issues, including periodontal disease. Surgery may sound intimidating at first, but it does not have to be.

Several surgical options are available, and your dentist will choose the option that works best for your dental health. In some cases, patients need tissue grafts, while in other cases they need bone grafts. There are options like ridge augmentation, which impacts the contour of your jawbones to give you a healthier appearance.

In some cases, people undergo a surgery meant to decrease the space between the teeth and the gum. It's called pocket reduction. This prevents debris from getting stuck in small pockets, which can lead to infection.

Dental implants are also considered a form of surgical gum therapy. The implants help keep your jaw bone and gums healthy because the implant keeps the bone from disintegrating and weakening without a tooth and root in place.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

In cases where gum disease and infection are only mild, surgical methods are not necessary. You will find that another type of therapy is a better option, and a dentist will be able to take minor measures to prevent and treat the infection.

For example, your dentist may recommend an appliance to protect your teeth and gums. In other cases, you may only need maintenance cleaning. These cleanings help you clear away debris that causes infection.

Gum therapy can also involve deep cleaning, which is more extensive than a regular cleaning, to reduce inflammation and removes debris that gets stuck in the gums. Antibiotics can also be used to prevent any developing infections. You can take antibiotics at home after your treatment sessions.

Make a Dental Appointment

Your dentist will provide you with the gum therapy you need to have healthy teeth and a great smile. Gum-related treatments help you prevent periodontal disease, which can have a devastating impact on your smile. Make an appointment today with your dentist to learn more about gum issues.