3 Tips To Get It Back To Beautiful Again With The Help Of A Cosmetic Dentist

27 August 2019
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A nursing career is known to be both physically and emotionally demanding. Not only are you working long hours, but you may also be under intense stress during certain parts of the day. When you factor in your working hours combined with your responsibilities at home, it's no wonder that you may barely have time to catch your breath or brush your teeth. While you may not have much time for dental care, it is important to take care of yourself. Healthy teeth keep you pain-free so that you can focus on your patients, and having a beautiful smile helps you lift their spirits. Now that you've noticed how your career is affecting your teeth, you can use these tips to get your smile bright and shining again.

1. Start With a Cleaning and Whitening Session

Yellow teeth are often the result of surface stains that develop when you don't have enough time to brush properly between your meals. As a nurse, you may also be at risk for stains on your teeth if you routinely rely upon dark-colored beverages such as soda or coffee to give you a boost of energy with caffeine. Many surface stains are easily removed with a professional cleaning from your cosmetic dentist. After your cleaning, you can assess the color of your smile and follow it up with tooth whitening treatments to make your teeth even whiter.

2. Cover Up Severely Stained Teeth 

In some cases, you may have stains that are not removable. This is more likely to happen if you have small cracks in your teeth that come with age called craze lines. Some people also have naturally yellower teeth than others, and the additional staining from your lifestyle adds up to more than tooth whitening can handle. For these situations, you can use veneers to cover up the stains and achieve a more consistent appearance among all of your teeth.

3. Correct Damage From Tooth Grinding

Stress is a major contributor to bad oral health habits such as nighttime tooth grinding. If you grind your sleep at night, you may not even know it until the damage becomes evident when you smile. Tooth grinding generates pressure on the teeth that leads to cracks and chips that can be visible in the smile zone. Cosmetic dentistry techniques such as using crowns and veneers to cover up these chips allow you to go back to work and smile with confidence.