Same-Day Dental Implants Might Be A Good Choice For You

4 April 2019
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If you have a bad tooth that needs to be pulled, have a missing tooth, or wear dentures, then you may be considering dental implants. However, you may be concerned about the long wait period that's often involved and wish you could speed up the process and get an improved smile quicker. That might be possible with same-day implant procedures. Here's how this process works and how to tell if you're a good candidate.

How To Know If Same-Day Implants Are Right For You

If you're considering implants, then talk to an implant dentist about your options. The only way to know if implants are right for you is to have your mouth and jaw bone examined by the dentist and to have an imaging scan such as a CT scan. Once the condition of your bone and mouth is assessed, the dentist will determine if you're a candidate for dental implants and if same-day implants are an option.

Conditions like gum disease and low bone density could impact whether you're able to have same-day dentures. The health of your jaw is especially important because the implant needs strong support and it needs to fuse with the bone. Usually, implants require a few stages, and one stage is the waiting period after the implant is put in and before the crown is applied. This allows the implant to fuse with your bone.

When you get a same-day implant, the implant might wiggle some when you chew if you have weak bone mass, and that could interfere with healing. That's why your dentist has to consider your individual situation carefully before deciding on the right way to put in your implants.

How Same-Day Implants Work

Same day implants can be done for a single tooth and for dentures. This means the artificial tooth or denture is attached the same day as the implant is inserted. This cuts down on the number of office visits, and it can make the procedure more appealing if you have dental anxiety. The best benefit is you get results in a day rather than stretching your treatment out over weeks or months. This could be important if you need a tooth pulled and you're worried about having a gap in your smile.

If you're thinking about implants but aren't sure if they're right for you, then talk to your dentist about how they would benefit you and if you're a good candidate. If you're looking to improve your smile or are just tired of wearing dentures that slip or fall out, then dental implants could make a big difference in your life.