Endless White or Continued White: Whiter Teeth with More or Less Fuss—Your Choice

11 October 2018
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Teeth whitening services make your teeth look less old, less coffee- or smoke-stained, and so on. So, obviously, if this is the case for you, you do not want other people to see your teeth or think that you are older than you are. There are two ways to get whiter teeth for life, but one way means you will have to go through the process more often than the other. How much you want to invest in your teeth is up to you, but just so you know what to expect, here are your two options to whiter, brighter, and younger smiles.

Chemically Whitened 

Chemically whitened teeth are done in or out of the dentist's office. If the procedure is done inside the dental office, you can expect between one and ten treatments, depending on how gradual or dramatic you want the results to be. If you opt for the immediate, dramatic whitening process, it will still cost about the same as several successive treatments. Additionally, the dramatic singular treatment may take between one and a half to three hours to complete. This process will have to be repeated semiannually or every one to three years to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

If you decide to do the chemically whitened procedure outside of the dentist's office, the dentist gives you the materials and instructions on how to apply and wear the treatment at home. This may include a whitening toothpaste to use prior to applying the treatment, trays to wear over your teeth, and a whitening gel to squirt into the trays, which will oxidize and move over, in, in between, and around your teeth during the treatment times. The at-home treatments from your dentist are very similar to the commercially available treatments you buy off of store shelves. 


Veneers are fake teeth "fronts" that the dentist adheres to your natural teeth. They are always white, never fade or discolor, and they correct other defects in your smile that chemical whitening alone cannot do. The veneers are brushed just as you would brush your regular teeth since your own teeth are hiding right behind the veneers. As long as you follow the rules that come with having veneers (e.g., no opening bottles or bags of chips with your teeth, no boxing or martial arts matches, etc.), then your "teeth" will be perfectly white the rest of your natural life with no additional procedures to follow.

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