When You Need Dental Help And Cannot Wait

29 May 2018
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Why does it seem that when your mouth hurts you are miserable all over? If you've developed a mouth malady and cannot see the dentist until office hours there are ways to deal that can lessen the pain and allow you to buy some time. Read on for some emergency first-aid maneuvers that will get you some relief when you cannot wait.

When your tooth hurts

When you are feeling pain and sensitivity in a specific place in your mouth then you probably already know that you might have a damaged tooth. It might be cracked, broken or it might have already progressed to a cavity. While you await your dental appointment you can help to alleviate the pain by taking some over-the-counter pain relievers like Aleve or Tylenol.

You may have heard that placing an aspirin on top of the affected area can help, but you might want to re-think that since the salicylic acid could actually burn a gum if left in place. You should stick to a soft diet and avoid drinking very hot or cold liquids for the time being.

When you've lost a tooth

You never even saw that baseball coming, and now you are missing a tooth. Take the following emergency steps and perhaps the tooth can be put back in by your dentist.

1. Rinse the tooth off (gently) and do not remove any pieces of gum that may be clinging.

2. Try to put the tooth back into place, but don't force it in

3. If it cannot be put back in place, then put the tooth in some warm water with a bit of salt or a cup of milk. Pharmacies sell kits that will help preserve your tooth until you get to the dentist. They contain a special salt mixture and a safe place to hold the tooth.

When you lose a filling

If you have a piece of sugar-free gum, then you might just have what you need to create a temporary filling (do not, whatever you do, use regular gum). You might also try some dental cement to hold on a crown. Never use superglue in your mouth for any reason.

When the problem is worse

An abscess is an infection, and you must seek help right away. This is the type of problem that might turn from a dental problem to a whole-body problem if not addressed soon since an infection in your gum could enter your brain through your sinus cavity. Go to your doctor or to the emergency room if you begin to feel pain, swelling and see a swollen spot on your gums. Some antibiotics will be provided and once the infection calms down then you can have something more permanent done.

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