Bulemia And Your Teeth

9 January 2018
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If you have an eating disorder, then there are many reasons why you want to make sure you seek treatment for your condition as soon as possible. When you are suffering with an eating disorder, you are at risk of a lot of different health problems. One eating disorder that can negatively affect your health significantly is bulimia. Also, this eating disorder can do a ton of damage to your teeth. Understanding some of the different ways bulimia can negatively affect your teeth will give you a good understanding of why it is so important for you to work closely with your dentist, while making sure you seek treatment from other health providers as well. Here are some of the ways bulimia can affect you from a dental standpoint:

You will have bad breath – When you have bulimia, you will gorge yourself on the foods that you want to eat and then throw them back up before they are fully digested. When you throw those foods back up, some of the acids from your stomach will come up with them. Those stomach acids have a rank odor to them that will linger in your mouth. If you have bulimia, then you will find it very hard to maintain good smelling breath. Your mouth may also have a constant bad taste to it.

You will have a dry mouth constantly – When you continuously throw up everything that you eat, the water you have drank throughout the day will also come up with those foods. This means that your body will also not be getting the necessary amount of fluids that it needs to maintain proper health. This can lead to you being dehydrated and dehydration leads to your mouth also being dry. A dry mouth leaves your teeth more prone to the development of cavities and tooth decay and significantly increases your chances of having discolored and stained teeth.

Your teeth can erode – When you are throwing those stomach acids up into your mouth on a regular basis, the acids will get on the surfaces of your teeth. These acids are very string since they are intended to digest everything you eat. This means they will also start to eat away at your teeth, causing them to become weaker and weaker. They will eventually erode and become so weak that they can become more at risk of many different dental problems ranging from cavities to breakage. When your teeth have eroded you can be looking at different options such as crowns, porcelain veneers, root canals and more.

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