Why Choose Hybrid Dentures And How Do You Maintain Them?

14 September 2017
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If you have lost a large number of teeth, you may be a candidate for hybrid dentures. Still, these restorative devices are relatively new. Thus, you may know little about them. Here is a bit of information about hybrid dentures to help you better understand them:

What Are Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid dentures may also be referred to as fixed removable dentures. They are secured in the mouth by dental implants that are attached to the dentures with screws. Still, the dentures can be removed by unscrewing the screws that hold them in place. The removal of the dentures is only performed by a dentist.

Why Are Hybrid Dentures Preferred?

Hybrid dentures combine the stabilization of a fixed tooth-replacement device with the convenience of a removable denture. These dentures help eliminate many of the uncomfortable aspects of wearing dentures.

People with hybrid dentures don't have to be concerned that their appliance will slip, causing an embarrassing moment or preventing the enjoyment of certain foods. In addition, hybrid dentures don't usually conceal the roof of the mouth. With the roof of the mouth left open, the patient is less likely to suffer from problems with tasting food. 

Less gum discomfort may also be associated with hybrid dentures. This is due to the firm stabilization of the denture, which can lessen the chance of food being scrubbed back and forth against the gums after becoming trapped beneath the appliance.

How is the Hybrid Denture Maintained?

A hybrid denture can be maintained through normal oral hygiene efforts, such as brushing and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. Although the appliance cannot decay, it can harbor germs that cause gum disease. If gum disease becomes severe enough, it could cause bone loss and implant failures.

The dentures should be brushed regularly with a regular toothbrush. In addition, the use of antibacterial mouthwash helps eliminate harmful oral bacteria. 

Dental floss can be used to clean the area that lies at the gum line, between the dentures and the gums. However, the floss must be threaded through the opening between the appliance and the gums. If this is too difficult for the patient to perform, an oral irrigator should be considered. An oral irrigator uses a directed stream of water to flush plaque away.

Also, a professional cleaning can be performed a couple of times per year. The professional cleaning would include unscrewing the appliance to thoroughly clean the gums beneath it.

For more information about hybrid dentures, schedule an appointment with a dental office, like Port Orange Dentist, in your local area.