How Chewing Tobacco Affects Your Teeth

24 July 2017
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People chew tobacco for different reasons and it can be trendy depending on the activity. On the other hand, this habit can be very addictive overtime. It is the nicotine that make users become addicted.

Chewing is something you do not want to use long term because it can be bad for your oral health. Read on to find out how chewing tobacco affects your teeth.

Causes Receding Gums

Gum recession is one of the oral problems caused by chewing tobacco. It only takes for a small amount of tobacco to come in contact with your gums to cause irritation. This irritation causes your gum tissue to pull away from your teeth, it causes tooth decay and sensitivity. Eventually, you may experience permanent damage to your surrounding bone and your gums, which can result in tooth loss.

Damages Tooth Enamel

This habit can damage your tooth enamel. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, then it is because of enamel erosion. The enamel is a protective coating that protects your teeth. When this coating wears down, your tooth becomes exposed. Your teeth will hurt when brushing, when exposed to air and when exposed to foods of different temperatures. This can also result in tooth decay.

Causes Stained Teeth

If you like your teeth white, then you may want to stay away from chewing tobacco. Prolong use of tobacco can stain your tongue and teeth. To remove the stains, you are going to need a professional cleaning by your dentist.

Increase Your Risk For Oral Cancer

Chewing tobacco contains around 28 cancer causing chemicals. When chewing the substance, it generates a juice. This juice comes in contact with your throat, lips, cheeks and gums. This exposure puts you at risk for oral cancer.

Affects Your Ability To Smell And Taste

If you chew tobacco long enough, then it can numb your senses. It affects your ability to taste and smell. Your food will taste and smell different. For example, you may have to add extra butter, salt and sour cream because of your altered taste.

Your smile is the first thing someone sees when meeting for the first time. It is important to take the necessary steps to maintain your smile. This means regular dentist appointments from a facility such as Labowe Stuart DDS. If you have been chewing tobacco, then you need to schedule your appointment immediately. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth and give you a plan to repair any damage.