Three Tips for Anyone Considering Teeth Whitening Services

24 February 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you have developed stains on your teeth, it is important for you to be aware of the benefits that can be enjoyed by having them whitened. These services have the potential to revitalize your smile and help you feel confident about showing your teeth. In order to make sure that your experience is a good one, you may want to keep several tips in mind as you prepare for your whitening session.

Have Your Teeth Inspected Prior to Starting a Whitening Program

While you may be in a hurry to have your teeth whitened, you may want to take the time to undergo a thorough dental examination prior to these treatments. If the whitening chemicals are applied to a tooth that has a cavity or other damage, you may experience significant pain, and the tooth can suffer further damage. To make this more convenient for you, there are many whitening providers that will perform these examinations just prior to your whitening session.

Know the Foods and Beverages That Are Most Likely to Cause Stains

While your teeth will be much whiter for an extended period of time, the effects of a tooth whitening session will not be permanent. In order to keep your teeth as white as long as possible, you will want to make sure that you are avoiding coffee, wines, berries and other pigment-rich foods and beverages. When you must consume these items, you will want to brush your teeth immediately after you finish. Otherwise, the pigments may have enough time to soak into the pores of the teeth.

Be Prepared for Some Mild Discomfort

For individuals that feel stress from undergoing dental work, there may be a strong concern about the pain or discomfort that can be caused by these procedures. However, dental whitening is typically a very mild procedure. Most patients will feel little more than mild discomfort following these sessions. Often, this discomfort will occur when drinking or eating foods that are particularly hot or cold. Fortunately, these sensations will fade within a few days of undergoing these sessions.

If you are becoming self-conscious about the quality of your smile, you may want to utilize tooth whitening services to help restore your teeth to a more natural and beautiful color. Appreciating the importance of having a dental exam done prior to these sessions, knowing the foods that pose the greatest risk of causing stains, and understanding that you may temporarily experience some mild tooth sensitivity will prepare you for your appointment.