2 Ways That Dental Implants Can Benefit You

12 January 2017
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One of the best resources at your disposal when attempting to protect or improve your dental health are dental implants, mostly because they can counteract many of the issues that can come about due to lost teeth. Listed below are two ways that dental implants can benefit you.

Protect Your Facial Structure

One of the most important ways that dental implants can benefit you is by maintaining your facial structure. Your facial structure will begin to change a bit as you lose teeth because your teeth are no longer stimulating your jawbone. Your teeth are responsible for stimulating bone growth and repairs in the jaw area as you chew and speak because the roots of the teeth reach all the way down into the jawbone.

However, when you have dental implants, the rod that makes up the root of the dental implant will reach all the way down into the jawbone as well. As a result, the dental implants will provide the same level of stimulation as the teeth that they replacing did, which will help you protect your facial structure and even rebuild your facial structure.

Protect Your Teeth

Another major way in which dental implants can benefit you is by preventing your teeth from shifting once you have lost several of your teeth. When you have a gap in your mouth due to a lost a tooth, it is very common for the teeth around that gap to begin shifting into the gap over time. Some of the problems that this can cause can include teeth that have become weakened due to the shifting process and crooked teeth.

However, when you get a dental implant placed into the empty gap, the dental implant will actually block the other teeth from shifting and keep all of your teeth where they're supposed to be. A nice added bonus to this is that the dental implant will also be able to take a bit of the wear and tear off of your other teeth because it will be able to take on the work that your loss teeth used to perform. This is important because once a tooth is lost, the neighboring teeth often have to increase their workload in order to help you chew, which can cause those teeth to degrade and wear down faster.

Make an appointment with your local dentist today in order to discuss whether or not dental implants would be a good option for you and how they would benefit you. Dental implants can help you protect your facial structure and remaining teeth. Click here for more info on the dental implant procedure.