Teenager Have To Get Braces? How To Make Them Fun

23 September 2016
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If your teenager has been told they need braces, they likely dread the thought of smiling and showing those braces to their friends. To help them, there are ways they can actually make braces fun and use them as a fashion statement. Keep reading and your teenager will feel much better about wearing braces to get their teeth straight.

Metal Braces with Colored Elastics Bands

Metal braces now use lighter, smaller wires that are much more comfortable for your teen. These braces are made with a high grade stainless steel, which makes them look more attractive. The metal brackets are first glued to each tooth, and then wires are threaded through the bracket slots. Elastics bands are used to hold the wires to the brackets.

Instead of stainless steel colored elastic bands, your child can choose colored elastic bands to make their braces look interesting and fun. There are a wide variety of colors, such as black, red, green, hot pink, blue, and more. Your child could choose their school color, color of their favorite sports team, or a color that goes well with their personality.

Ask your teen's orthodontist if they will allow your child to choose different colors for each tooth. Their teeth can then look much like a rainbow.

Some orthodontist offices have an online color selector so your teen will know what the colors will look like before they are put on their teeth. If your orthodontist does not offer this, you can likely find online tools that will allow you to do the same thing.

The orthodontist will need to change these elastic bands out throughout the brace treatment so your teen can often have different colored elastic bands.

Colored Rubber Bands

Towards the end of your child's brace treatment, your child will likely wear interach rubber bands. These rubber bands are used to adjust the jaw position and bite. The orthodontist will use a hook to attach the bands to the top tooth bracket and then hook the band to the bottom tooth bracket. They wear more than one band during the treatment.

Just like the other bands, your child can choose colored rubber bands. They could even choose to have each band a different color. Your child could choose a color that matches the color of their ties or make the colors contrast to give make their braces look more interesting.

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