Refuting Common Sedation Dentistry Misconceptions

30 July 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


There are a variety of treatments that your dentist can use to correct the various problems that you mouth can encounter. However, sedation dentistry is one of the more misunderstood options. While there are many patients that can benefit from this approach to treatment, they may not choose it because they don't understand all that it entails. Having the following notions clarified should help you to decide if you should opt for sedation the next time you undergo a dental procedure. 

Myth: Sedation Dentistry Always Involves Being Completely Unconscious 

Some people may think that undergoing sedation dentistry will always involve being completely unconscious. While this is surely an option that your dentist can employ, there are many other options available. For example, you may be given a pill that will induce a relaxed and dreamlike state for the procedure. 

These options are excellent for those that have a schedule that is not conducive to being unable to function for the rest of the day. Whether this is due to your work schedule or because you must care for your children, the effects of these sedatives can often wear off in a few hours. 

Myth: Sedation Dentistry Is Only For People Who Have Severe Dental Anxiety 

Another common assumption is that this type of dentistry is primarily used for patients that suffer from severe dental anxiety. This type of anxiety can cause individuals to have panic attacks and other unpleasant emotional reactions when they are being treated. For these individuals, sedation dentistry may be the only way to undergo this type of treatment without experiencing these reactions. 

However, there are many other reasons why your dentist may recommend this approach to administering the treatment. A perfect example of this may be a patient that suffers from a severe gag reflex. This reflex is uncontrollable, and it can make it impossible for the dentist to do the necessary work on the patient's mouth. 

Sedation dentistry can provide patients with a variety of conditions and numerous benefits over other treatment approaches. Yet, it is common for patients to have a remarkably poor understanding about this type of dentistry, which can make it difficult for them to make the best choice for their needs. Understanding that you do not require being unconscious and that this type of dentistry can benefit patients without dental anxiety will help you better decide whether this option is a good fit for your oral health needs. Talk with a place like Quality Dental Care L.L.C. for more information about sedation dentistry.