The Day After Having Multiple Teeth Removed

26 January 2015
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There are times when it's necessary to have multiple teeth removed during one dental visit. For instance, if you're preparing to start using a new set of full dentures, the dentist is going to have to remove any remaining teeth. Many people find having a single tooth pulled a bit disturbing, so having multiple teeth removed can be rather daunting.

You might wonder exactly what you should expect and what you will need to do in the 24 hours following the extraction.

For the First Hour

Gently but firmly bite down on to the packs of gauze in place over the surgical areas. They should not be changed during this hour unless the bleeding is not yet controlled. If bleeding continues, put in new gauze and maintain the pressure for an additional 30 minutes. After this, the gauze should be changed roughly every 30 minutes. It helps to moisten the gauze slightly with tap water when you're positioning it.

Use Caution

For the first 24 hours, you should avoid disturbing the surgical area more than you have to. Do not probe this area or rinse it too vigorously. If you have any remaining teeth, you may gently brush them. Do not smoke during the healing process, since this will increase your discomfort and may result in painful dry sockets.

Practice Oral Hygiene

During the day following the surgery, you should practice good oral hygiene to keep your mouth clean. Brushing is all right, as long as you're extremely gentle and avoid the surgical areas. If bleeding is minimal, you can begin saltwater rinses after 24 hours. Swish the water/salt mixture slowly around and then allow it to simply drip down into your sink. Repeat these rinses three times a day. After meals is usually best.

Limit Activity

For the first day following the surgery, you should confine yourself to a bed or couch. Any strenuous activity, including bending or lifting, might cause increased bleeding and pain. Try to avoid standing up suddenly, since you might become lightheaded. Keep in mind in the days that follow that you have been forced to reduce your caloric intake. You should take this into account when carrying out activities. Any strenuous exercise should be avoided for four days following your surgery.

Pain Management

There is no question that having several teeth removed in one sitting is going to result in considerable discomfort, if not outright pain. Usually, your dentist will have prescribed a pain medication you will begin taking as soon as the anesthetic wears off. Strong pain medication can sometimes result in nausea, but if you consume a small amount of soft food any nausea should be minimal.

Pain medications don't affect everyone the same way, and if the pills you have been prescribed aren't providing adequate relief, you can supplement them with ibuprofen. If this doesn't work, and with the approval of your dentist, you might require 2 pills at one time.

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