Dental Implants: Three Issues Worth Considering

26 December 2019
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When you've had a painful tooth removed from your mouth, your relief may be immense. Your dentist may have talked to you about the need for further dental work so that you don't live with an empty space in your mouth; dental implants could have been suggested as one solution. However, you might not have taken the idea then; when you're ready to seriously consider the implant procedure, remember these issues. Read More 

3 Ways to Gift Whiter Teeth to Your Loved One This Year

27 November 2019
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Having white teeth is something that just about everyone wants, but few people naturally have. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer to gift your loved one this year why not give them whiter teeth? From over-the-counter whitening strips to a gift card to get laser whitening done, this article will list a few basic ways you can give the gift of a whiter smile.  Whitening Strips If your loved one just has surface stains on their teeth from things like drinking too much coffee or smoking cigarettes, then they may be able to get a whiter smile with some over-the-counter whitening strips. Read More 

Reasons Your Dentist Would Like You To Stop Biting Your Nails

28 October 2019
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Many people bite their nails. For them, the habit may seem relatively harmless. In fact, some people feel that nailbiting helps them reduce their stress levels. Nevertheless, many dentists warn against nailbiting. Here are a few reasons not to bite your nails. Injury to the Gums Your gums are sensitive, soft tissues within the mouth. They can easily be injured by sharp objects. Thin slivers of fingernails can scratch or cut the gums, making them more susceptible to irritation and infection. Read More 

How Poorly Managed Diabetes Affects Dental Implant Outcome

27 September 2019
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While diabetes is not contraindicated for patients who want dental implants, poorly controlled diabetes may raise the risk of complications. Before considering dental implants, work with your physician to make sure that you have tight control over your blood sugar levels, and be sure to discuss your diabetes with your dentist prior to your procedure. Here are some ways poorly managed diabetes can complicate your dental implant outcome. Poor Osseointegration And Implant Failure Risk Read More 

3 Tips To Get It Back To Beautiful Again With The Help Of A Cosmetic Dentist

27 August 2019
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A nursing career is known to be both physically and emotionally demanding. Not only are you working long hours, but you may also be under intense stress during certain parts of the day. When you factor in your working hours combined with your responsibilities at home, it's no wonder that you may barely have time to catch your breath or brush your teeth. While you may not have much time for dental care, it is important to take care of yourself. Read More