Why Choose Hybrid Dentures And How Do You Maintain Them?

14 September 2017
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If you have lost a large number of teeth, you may be a candidate for hybrid dentures. Still, these restorative devices are relatively new. Thus, you may know little about them. Here is a bit of information about hybrid dentures to help you better understand them: What Are Hybrid Dentures? Hybrid dentures may also be referred to as fixed removable dentures. They are secured in the mouth by dental implants that are attached to the dentures with screws. Read More 

Caring For Your Mouth And Yourself After A Root Canal: Three Things To Consider

13 August 2017
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Having a root canal performed is one way to care for a diseased tooth. Though the name of the procedure may sound scary, it's a routine option that dentists and endodontists use, and with the right after care, you can once again enjoy a normal life with your teeth. It is important to know how to care for your mouth, as well as yourself, in the days after your procedure. Here are some things you may want to consider: Read More 

How Chewing Tobacco Affects Your Teeth

24 July 2017
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People chew tobacco for different reasons and it can be trendy depending on the activity. On the other hand, this habit can be very addictive overtime. It is the nicotine that make users become addicted. Chewing is something you do not want to use long term because it can be bad for your oral health. Read on to find out how chewing tobacco affects your teeth. Causes Receding Gums Gum recession is one of the oral problems caused by chewing tobacco. Read More 

Three Tips To Getting Your Child The Best Pediatric Dentist

27 June 2017
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In order to make sure that your child's dental needs are met, you'll need to both match up with the right pediatric dentistry practice and adhere to some tips that will make their smiles as perfect as possible. As the parent, you have a lot of influence on how well your child's dental health turns out. This will help to develop life long habits, which will keep their teeth and gums healthy, in order to preserve their smile, digestive health and overall sense of self-image. Read More 

Dental Problems Have You Hiding Your Smile? 4 Reasons You Should Consider Crowns

9 June 2017
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Dental problems can interfere with your daily life. Severe dental problems can jeopardize your health, and cause you pain. Cosmetic dental problems can undermine your self-esteem and diminish your smile. If you've got cosmetic dental problems that are making you hide your smile, dental crowns may be just what you need. Here are just four of the cosmetic dental problems that dental crowns can repair. Worn-Down Teeth If you grind your teeth at night, or the natural aging process has worn down the edges of your teeth, help is available. Read More